Mamma-pillo Reusable Breastpads

Introducing Mamma-pillo Reusable Breastpads

Mamma-pillo Reusable Breastpads are handmade by Mamma-pillo in Australia and comprised of three discrete layers that are sewn (over-locked, and double stitched) around the outer edge.  The inner layer (sits against the skin) is made of Natural unbleached bamboo fleece (85% bamboo, 15% cotton).  The outer layer is made of PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) and is a hospital grade, 1.5mm thick polyester knit that is breathable, waterproof and provides optimum durability and softness.  The middle layer is made of Microfleece to absorb and contain breast milk that maybe released at “let down”, after feeding or expressing.
Made using only the finest quality fabrics, our Breastpads are natural and unbleached and do not contain fabric prints, ink,  or dyes, great for sensitive skin while Their natural discreet neutral colour  palette ensures they will not show through clothing.
Mamma-pillo Breastpads are 110 mm in diameter and come in a three pair pack to enable one pair to be laundered while two pair remain available for use.  Gentle machine cycle in an undergarment washbag, or hand wash in warm water (recommended).