Mamma-pillo Platinum ECO Grey and White Scales Additional Cover

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Mamma-pillo is the ultimate wearable over arm feeding / nursing pillow.All of our amazing Mamma-pillo covers are also available separately.
So as well as being highly fashionable, extra covers will always come in handy (especially with messy feeders). 
Our unique removable covers soak up any spills and keep your pillow insert clean and fresh, making cleaning your Mamma-pillo a breeze! Simply remove the soiled cover, pop it in the wash, throw on a clean Mamma-pillo cover and you're back in business!

The Mamma-pillo Multi-purpose ECO Support Pillow uses 100% cotton Outer Cover and GOTS Certified Cotton Poplin material Twin Pillow Casing and Pillow Inserts in its composition. All sewing thread used is core spun thread with a polyester filament covered by a natural cotton cover. Ribbed elastic is used to gather each end of the outer cover. This has a rubber core with poly-cotton ribbing.



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