Mamma-pillo’s are the MUST have accessory for Nursing Mum's! Mum’s and Dad’s the world over are raving about Mamma-pillo wearable feeding support pillows.

Lightweight, portable, plush and stylish Mamma-pillos are revolutionising the Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding world. Unlike bulky conventional feeding pillows Mamma-pillo’s are so lightweight you can feed with them anytime anywhere in both comfort an style.

Mamma-pillo’s are the perfect combination of style and luxury. Worn over the arm, Mamma-pillo’s eliminate the need for bulky feeding pillows and positioning devices.

Designed to gently support babies head and neck during feeding sessions, Mamma-pillo positions your baby into an optimal feeding position which helps to combat gas, reflux and regurgitation. Mamma-pillo makes feeding more comfortable for Mum by providing gentle lifting support to relieve neck, back, shoulder and arm strain. Our minimalist design also keeps surface area to a minimum allowing for maximum skin to skin contact for Mum or Dad and bub.

Our unique stretchy design keeps your Mamma-pillo snuggly in place so your hands are free for more important things like enjoying those snuggles with your babe.

Our versatile design and ultra plush cushioning means it is suitable for use for newborns right up to toddlers. Our stretchy one size fits all design means everyone can enjoy wearing a Mamma-pillo.

So Small and compact Mamma-pillo’s fit in most bags, trolley and pram baskets.

Our unique provisional patened  design makes our wearable feeding pillow system the only one on the market with fully removable and interchangeable fashion covers, and removable pillows and pillow cases for hygiene and ease of cleaning.

There are no scratchy zips, belts, buttons, domes or any kind of interconnected device/material used or required for its use.

Mamma-pillo’s are 100% machine washable and made in Australia.

We have spared no expense sourcing the finest fabrics, cottons, elastics and environmentally friendly fiber fills for our Mamma-pillo’s. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ensuring our products are of the highest quality.


About our Range.....

We are so excited to introduce our new environmentally friendly and sustainable Mamma-pillo ECO and Mamma-pillo Organic ranges......

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Portable, wearable over-arm design

Super easy to use, simply slip over your forearm and you are ready nurse your babe! our unique Stretchy design keeps your pillow in place meaning you'll never struggle with positioning a bulky nursing pillow ever again. Click here to See how to wear your Mamma-pillo......

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Super Stylish

With a multitude of designs across our Mamma-pillo Eco and Mamma-pillo Organics Range to choose from there is something to suit everyone's taste ......

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New Arrivals

See all of our new designs and  latest releases here.


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What Mum's are saying.......

"Loving every aspect from service to delivery! Great product with so much variety in designs! Well done! Will be ordering again!"


What Mum's are saying.....

"Honestly the best invention for feeding! We use it every feed and you can notice how much more comfortable she is while feeding. Its comfortable on my arm too, like a cloud or a whole bunch of cotton wool!"


What Mum's are saying.....

"God knows how I survived before owning this! my boy 3.5 months just loves it; snuggling into it while feeding. He seems more relaxed and comfortable whilst feeding too."


What Mum's are saying....

"I have suffered from "mums thumb" and sore arms and shoulders from holding my baby. In one week of having the pillow my arms are no where near as sore and my wrists and thumbs have no pain. I wish I knew about this pillow for my first daughter, it would of saved a lot of pain an Physio." 


What Mum's are saying....

"I was able to take out the stylish mamma pillo and not look dorky by taking out a pillow from my bed! They are super comfy and now Eddie associates the pillow with feeding too! The interchangeable covers are super easy to get on and off and are so stylish! We are now over 9 months into our breastfeeding journey and most of that is due to the Mamma-Pillo! ”




NEW ECO and Organic Ranges now available!!

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