Wearable over-arm feeding pillows

See Mamma-pillo in action

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What Mum's are saying.......

"That would have to be the most comfy feed miss Isla and I have ever had thank you Mamma-pillo we absolutely love it"


What Mum's are saying.....

"Honestly the best invention for feeding! We use it every feed and you can notice how much more comfortable she is while feeding. Its comfortable on my arm too, like a cloud or a whole bunch of cotton wool!"


What Mum's are saying.....

"God knows how I survived before owning this! my boy 3.5 months just loves it; snuggling into it while feeding. He seems more relaxed and comfortable whilst feeding too."


What Mum's are saying....

"I have suffered from "mums thumb" and sore arms and shoulders from holding my baby. In one week of having the pillow my arms are no where near as sore and my wrists and thumbs have no pain. I wish I knew about this pillow for my first daughter, it would of saved a lot of pain an Physio." 


What Mum's are saying....

"The day our Mamma-pillo came was the day breastfeeding literally changed for us! The comfort of the pillo supported his head better than my boney arm and kept him still!!  So easy to use and so easy to keep clean. Mamma pillo is the only reason we made it this far, 22 months!!!” 


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