Our Story

Lets face it, being a new mum is tough! Especially in the early days when you are physically exhausted from child birth, sleep deprivation and constant feeding. Something as natural as feeding your baby can often be difficult and even painful. It's hard to get comfortable and support your baby when you're tired and sore!

That's why we created...

Our Story

As a new mum, I struggled to feed my first child due to shoulder, neck, back and arm pain (from years of hard physical work as a child care educator and Teacher). With baby number 2 on the way, I just knew I had to do something to try and make feeding my newest little one as easy and pain free as possible.
So, along with my Mother, who has over 45 years of experience as a professional tailoress, we set about designing the perfect feeding support pillow.
What we created created something truly amazing and comfortable, a wearable over arm feeding pillow which was light, portable and easy to clean.

The Mamma-pillo was born! (And shortly after, so was my new baby!)

I used my Mamma-pillo from the very first feed with my new bub. It was amazing. It was so soft and plush! My baby loved snuggling into it and best of all it was super soft up against my very painful c-section wound.
I couldn't believe my luck! I was so in love with what we had made and best of all it really worked! Feeding my baby was as easy and pain free AS IT SHOULD BE!
All of the midwifes and Lactation consultants who visited me in the hospital loved the physical support offered by my Mamma-pillo, and wanted to know where they could get one too!
Now we make our Mamma-pillo's to share our joy with mum's everywhere. 

Mum's and Dad's all over the world love Mamma-pillo and we know you will too.
Join the Mamma-pillo feeding revolution today!