The ultimate over-arm breastfeeding and formula feeding support pillow!

The Mamma-pillo ECO Multipurpose Support Pillow (Mamma-pillo) is a ultra-comfortable, lightweight, robust support pillow comprising four discrete machine washable components (Two Pillows, A Twin Pillow Case and a removable Outer Cover) packaged as a cylindrical shaped, open ended support pillow that can be used in any orientation. There are no zips, belts, buttons, domes or any kind of interconnected device/material used or required for its use.
The Mamma-pillo can be used as an infant feeding support pillow (arm inserted through the middle of the pillow), a pillow on which to rest the head of an individual, or as a general comfort and support pillow (limb through, limb on). Please note: The Mamma-pillo is not a clinical apparatus or device.

Portable and easy to use!

Mamma-pillo is ultra lightweight, compact and portable. Simply pop a Mamma-pillo into your baby bag when you leave the house and you're ready for feeding on the go! Super easy to use, simply slip over your forearm and go! Mamma-pillo is almost impossible to drop! Stretchy elastic keeps your pillow in place meaning you'll never struggle with positioning a bulky nursing pillow ever again.

Ultra comfortable
Designed to gently support babies head and neck during Feeding sessions, Mamma-pillo positions your baby into an optimal feeding position which helps to combat gas, reflux and regurgitation. Mamma-pillo makes feeding more comfortable for mum by providing gentle lifting support to relieve neck, back, shoulder and arm strain. Our minimalist design also keeps pillow surface area to a minimum allowing maximum skin to skin contact for Mum(or dad!) and bub.

Easy to clean!
Here at Mamma-pillo we have gone to great lengths to ensure we use quality materials in each pillow to make our Mamma-pillo ultra comfortable and easy to clean. Unlike other feeding support pillows, Mamma-pillo features unique fully removable covers, liners and cushions. You don't need to wash the entire pillow after every feed, just slip off the soiled cover and replace with a clean one!
All parts of your Mamma-pillo are 100% machine washable!

Fashion covers
Available in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs to suit all tastes!
Quality Assurance
Proudly made in Queensland Australia our commitment to quality extends to local production in order to deliver a durable hand crafted product. Each Mamma-pillo is sewn and assembled in Brisbane and quality checked by its designer. Our continuous improvement program and local production capability means we are able to quickly respond to customer feedback and are always looking for ways to refine and enhance the Mamma-pillo, continuously researching the suitability of materials used in production.