Frequently Asked Questions:


Why do I need a Mamma-pillo?
Because they are totally awesome that’s why! Mamma-pillo's are designed to make your life easier, to make feeding and nursing your babe easier. To relieve arm, neck and back strain for you and to provide soft snuggly warm comfort for your babe.
How is a Mamma-pillo different from other feeding pillows?
Unlike bulky conventional feeding pillows Mamma-pillo’s are worn over the arm and provide instant soft pillowy comfort and support for both the wearer and bub. They are so lightweight and portable and perfect for feeding on the go. Mamma-pillo is the feeding pillow you can take anywhere. Mamma-pillo's are light and compact and fit easily in most bags, trolley baskets and pram baskets. Our unique stretchy cover designs means your Mamma-pillo stays in place and you can have your hands free, you never have to struggle to position a bulky feeding pillow again.
My baby has reflux and colic will a Mamma-pillo help?
Designed to gently support babies head and neck during Feeding sessions, Mamma-pillo positions your baby into an optimal feeding position which helps to combat gas, reflux and regurgitation.
But I have seen similar pillows made cheaper elsewhere…
That may be true, but you get what you pay for. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and we have had a lot of that but at the end of the day nothing on the market compares to the quality and design of the Original and the best Mamma-pillo wearable feeding support pillow. Mamma-pillo's are handmade and undergo stringent quality controls. Mamma-pillo’s are trademarked and Patented and 100% unique in their design and execution. We have gone to great lengths to source only the finest, highest quality Eco friendly and sustainable materials. Our unique patented design is the only of its kind to feature our patented removable fashion covers and twin support pillow system. That is the Mamma-pillo difference.
I suffer from back, neck and arm pain during feeding will this help me?
YES! Mamma-pillo makes feeding more comfortable for mum by providing gentle lifting support to relieve neck, back, shoulder and arm strain. Our minimalist design also keeps pillow surface area to a minimum allowing maximum skin to skin contact for Mum(or dad!) and bub
But Im not a mum can I rock a Mamma-pillo?
Of course you can! Everyone can rock a Mamma-pillo
But Im a Dad is there a Daddy-pillo?
Dad’s can totally Rock our full Mamma-pillo range but Oh yes, We have also designed a special Mamma-pillo range just for you. Mamma-pillo FORHIM is our totally badass testosterone fuelled “macho” range of Mamma-pillo feeding covers.
My child has excema / sensitive skin is there a Mamma-pillo for me?
All of our Mamma-pillo's are made from 100% highest quality cotton and soft breathable natural fibres. Our ECO range is 100% Cotton. Mamma-pillo Organic is believed to be one of the only pillows globally that can be used for infant feeding /nursing that is greater than 95% Organic in its material composition. All Fabric is either GOTS Certified or OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (Where dyes are used on patterned fabrics). All sewing thread used is 100% cotton and the Fibre fill used in each Organic Mamma-pillo is Corn Fibre. The only component currently not completely organic is the ribbed elastic used to gather each end of the Mamma-pillo cover. This has an organic rubber core with a poly-cotton ribbing.
My babe has super sweaty neck will this help?
Yes! Our Mamma-pillo’s are designed for the Australian heat and feature soft, breathable, lightweight 100% Cotton fabric covers and pillow casings.
Can I order additional covers for my Mamma-pillo?
Yes you can, additional covers are available
Can my child use their Mamma-pillo as a normal pillow for sleeping on?
Mamma-pillo is intended for use as a feeding aid, it is to be used under direct supervision at all times and should not be used as a regular pillow or in children’s bedding.
Are they easy to clean?
Mamma-pillo’s are 100% machine washable. Our removable / interchangeable covers make cleaning between uses so simple. The external cover, internal cover and twin pillows are easily removed for ease of washing and drying. For light spills and soiling simply remove the outer fashion cover and replace with another, No need to spot clean or launder the whole pillow each time. See our detailed washing and care instructions tab in the Menu.
Wow Mamma-pillo is an Award winning design?
Yassss! Mamma-Pillo recently won a prestigious Good Design Award® we were awarded a Winner in the Product Design category in recognition for outstanding design and innovation. You can read more about it on our Awards and Accolades page HERE
These pillows are seriously the best thing since sliced bread how do I order one?
Browse the collections here, select your favorite designs and follow the prompts to the checkout.
Do you offer Afterpay?
Yes Afterpay is available.
I am a retailer, how do I go about stocking Mamma-pillo’s?
Please see our Wholesale and stockist page for more information. We would love to make Mamma-pillo a global sensation so If you are a Wholesale or re seller in the US or Canada we would really love to hear from you.
Where are Mamma-pillo’s made?
Mamma-pillo is a proudly Australian made and owned family business. All of our products are handmade with love and care in Brisbane QLD.
DO you have gift vouchers or gift cards?
No, we do not currently offer gift vouchers or gift cards.
How can I be notified about Mamma-pillo specials, discounts, new releases and sales?
To see it first Simply sign up to our mailing list located at the bottom of the home page and get all of our special offers and new release info delivered to your inbox.
I have a totally awesome Mamma-pillo and all my friends are jealous what do I do?
Share the love forward them the link to the Mamma-pillo website.
My husband/ significant other has stolen my Mamma-pillo, to use, for naps, what do I do?
Well played….Seriously though, can you blame them Mamma-pillo's are pretty darn comfortable, perhaps you could tell them to buy their own Mamma-pillo…. Or you could just steal it when they aren’t looking. Good luck.
All the cool kids are doing it, What is Mamma-pillo swag?
Mamma-pillo swag is the art of totally rocking your Mamma-pillo in photos then sharing those bad boys on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #mammapilloswag
The care label on my new ECO Mamma-pillo says Polyester/Cotton. I thought the new Mamma-pillo’s use PET.
The new ECO range of Mamma-pillo contains fibre fill from recycled PET bottles in place of the Poly fill used in the first generation of Mamma-pillo. PET stands for PolyEthylene Terephthalate. Most synthetic fibres (approximately 70%) are made from Polyester and the Polyester most often used is PET. Used in a fabric it is commonly referred to as Polyester or Poly. The sewing thread used in the ECO range of Mamma-pillo’s is a composite of Polyester and Cotton and the elastic used is rubber with a polyester ribbed cover.
I live in the US or Canada can I buy a Mamma-pillo?
Unfortunately at this time we are unable to sell to these locations.
I can't see all the features of the website
Please try using a different browser.
Need help? Have a question? please feel free to contact a Mamma-pillo Team member at mammapillo@gmail.com