Mamma-pillo Organic Collection

Mamma-pillo Organic is believed to be one of the only pillows globally that can be used for infant feeding that is greater than 95% organic in its material composition. All fabric is either GOTS Certified or OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (where dyes are used on patterned fabrics). All sewing thread used is 100% cotton and the fibre fill used in each Organic Mamma-pillo is Corn Fibre.

The only component currently not completely organic is the ribbed elastic used to gather each end of the Mamma-pillo cover. This has an organic rubber core with poly-cotton ribbing.

Each Organic Mamma-pillo comes in its own reusable calico over shoulder carry bag trimmed with the cover design fabric of the respective Mamma-pillo.

Organic Mamma-pillos are the perfect gift as they come wrapped in clear biodegradable cellophane wrapping with paper string ties at each end.


OEKO-TEX Standard 100