Why Mamma-Pillo?

Award winning design, loved by Mum's, Dad's and health care professionals.

Mamma-pillo wearable over-arm Feeding and Maternity pillows are The Future of feeding pillows!


The ultimate feeding pillow

Perfect for breastfeeding and bottle feeding Mamma-pillo naturally positions your baby into an optimal feeding position to help combat gas, reflux and regurgitation. Mamma-pillo gently supports babies head, neck and spine and aligns them close to your body. The firm, plush fibre fills distribute weight evenly and molds perfectly to cradle your little one while keeping their head and chin in a naturally elevated position in line with the breast for ease of feeding, comfort and establishing and maintaining a healthy and efficient latch. Mamma-pillo makes feeding more comfortable for mum by providing gentle lifting support to relieve neck, back, shoulder and arm strain and our minimalist design keeps the pillow surface area to a minimum allowing maximum skin to skin contact for Mum (or dad!) and bub.

The perfect maternity pillow

Mamma-pillo doubles as a handy travel pillow and an ultra lightweight and portable pregnancy and Maternity pillow. Compact and discrete Mamma-pillo's can be used anytime, anywhere. Simply pop behind your back when seated for lower back support. Use as a tummy support or wedge under your belly when you are laying on your side. Place between the knees when sleeping or resting to relieve sciatica and nerve pain. Pop under the feet to achieve gentle elevation, relieving tired swollen feet and ankles.

Safe and gentle

Mamma-pillo’s are 100% Australian owned and made, hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and Non toxic. Mamma-pillo’s have no scratchy zips, buttons, snaps, belts or fasteners and is 100% machine washable. All of our pillo’s and covers are made from high quality fabrics and are Organic and ECO friendly. Our plush fibre fills allow for constant airflow, ventilation and maximum breathability. While our soft absorbent covers draw moisture, heat and perspiration away, eliminating overheating and feeding discomfort.

Comfortable and convenient

Our Hands free stretchy design contours to your arm allowing free range of movement, allowing elbow, wrists and arms to move freely. The snug cover design keeps pillow securely and firmly in place. Our one size fits all ergonomic design elevates bub to the breast eliminating the need for lifting, hunching and slouching to position bub efficiently. Mamma-pillo helps to relieve arm, elbow, wrist and shoulder strain from extended nursing. This versatile feeding pillow can be used in any position, cradle hold, football hold, tandem nursing, side lying or while standing.

Perfect for on the go

Collapsible, Small, discrete, lightweight and compact Mamma-pillo is perfect for travel and on the go. Mamma-pillo’s fit easily in bags and pram baskets. Our unique and oh so clever stretchy cover design holds breast pads, mobile phones and bottle / pumping accessories between the covers. Enjoy the freedom of nursing your little one anytime, anywhere in comfort with Mamma-pillo

ECO Friendly and Organic

Mamma-pillo is committed to environmental sustainability and is currently the only feeding pillow on the market that uses ECO friendly and sustainable fibre fills and materials.

Not just for Mum


Dad's, Caregivers, Educators, Grandparents and older siblings love Mamma-pillo too. Mamma-pillo's are a great way to get the whole family involved in holding and feeding baby. Hold baby confidently, securely and comfortably with Mamma-pillo. Just like a special toy, dummy or blanket when used as a part of babies regular feeding routine babies associate their Mamma-pillo with feelings of security, safety, fulfillment and nurturing. The pillo and covers also help retain Mum and or Dad's scent and help your little one to settle more easily in the care of others and help make transitions to play dates and day care easier.

As seen on TV


Award winning design as seen on Australia by design Innovations on Chanel 10. Series 2 Episode 5, 2018
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